About STTS (Startup Tech for Tech Startups)

STTS is a Meetup started by Patrick Magee, founder of BrainDance Software, to help early stage technology startups find and use the best technology available for getting their startup launched. It is based on the idea that launching a startup is an information problem that involves optimizing the search and use of the most actionable information available. BrainDance Software's tools are designed for this purpose. They serve as "meta" tools in that they make it easier to take advantage of the great work others have done to support startup launch.

Each months meetup will include a demo of the most useful tech available to help startups manage the massive flow of information required to launch a startup. From R&D to marketing, a high information metabolism increases chances of success, and using technology to the fullest in each area is critical to success. Meeting format will be:

Expert corners will provide opportunities for experts in various startup technologies can introduce themselves to entrepreneurs and answer basic questions that will help them get started.